DataMixx is a Data Agency focussed on delivering customers to brands via multi-channel marketing.  They have over 20 years combined expertise across email, postal, telephone and mobile.

Services include data management, data validation and data rental, particularly email host mailings.

They offer the ability to target by up to 250 different attributes and 70% of data is exclusive.  They deliver end to end management, ensuring total control, compliance and transparency throughout.

Ve Interactive

Ve Interactive is one of the largest data processors in the world and the ability to turn this into meaningful output is at the core of our offering. Every day, we track billions of data points and transform this information into actionable insights. These insights power our innovative products, designed to help you acquire, engage and convert.

VePanel is a revolutionary approach to onsite engagement, helping drive conversions and maximising ROI from all digital advertising. It offers a user-centric experience for your visitors, which delivers targeted messaging and functionality depending on their behaviour.
VeAds uses a combination of Ve’s rich intent data with onsite engagement technology to provide market leading performance in digital advertising, across multiple channels.
Ve apply a data-driven approach to all work. A combination of algorithmic learning and practical data science allows them to understand your customers and make real-time decisions to add true value to your business.


AdMaxim Logo

AdMaxim is a mobile advertising company that enables brands and agencies to deliver outstanding campaigns from start to finish, using powerful technology and an expert team. AdMaxim’s four key products provide a solution for every key area of cutting edge digital marketing campaigns, all within one platform.

AdMaxim Inspire AdMaxim offers an advanced creative platform allowing brands to create stunning interactive ad units along with the services of an expert creative team.
AdMaxim SmartReach AdMaxim’s media buying technology allows brands to seamlessly and instantly access over 30,000 global sites and apps covering every possible audience and sector.
AdMaxim PinPoint AdMaxim’s targeting suite allows brands to identify and target the right audience segments for all of their campaigns in real time.
AdMaxim Insight AdMaxim’s integrated analytics and research tool allows for comprehensive planning and real time drill down reporting on campaigns.
AdMaxim AdOptimise AdMaxim has a state of the art optimisation system that listens to hundreds of different data signals in real time and enhances campaign performance in flight to ensure the best results.